Feedbacks / Case studies


1) Peter Prakasam, Administrator, Indian Pentecostal Assemblies

Location: All over Tamil Nadu

CIM was quite an experienced consultant organization on OD Programmes. IPA enlisted the OD services of CIM. The OD exercises have brought in a paradigm shift in the development of the organization right from the grass root level. More formalization and organization of work, standards, communication have brought about a remarkable difference in the day to day functioning of the organization.

Standardization of codes and using handbooks published by CIM have brought in ease in the administration work. Assessment and evaluation of the IPA ministry and training programmes for the leaders at various levels have strengthened the grassroots and ushered in a positive corporate culture. The OD exercises executed in its various phases could potentially be the next generation exercise that every organization would like to follow, as it takes the organization from thinking beyond just receiving and giving to where you can maximize your resources and time in a perfect blend to be a blessing to many.

I would add that the OD programme channels the potentials of the leaders into more refined yet more focused roles as they serve in various capacities in the running of the respective institutions. Depending on the need churches, missions and NGOs will find the OD exercises immensely useful as it takes the organization into the next level of being proactive to deal with internal complex management issues and external economic and social crises. (See Impact Case Study 1 – for full details on this).

2) Bodo Solomon, Director, Oikonomos Ministries

Location: Andhra Pradesh

I am a subscriber of Christian Manager and through the magazine I had come to know of the various services provided by CIM. I was very interested in the Organisation Development programme and eventually partnered with CIM.

The CIM OD programme proved very beneficial for Oikonomus ministry primarily because it made us understand that Christian ministry is a serious Kingdom business which should be done with highest levels of excellence. The OD exercise gave a new thinking on strategic planning and helped our organisation move towards constructive structural changes with regard to responsibilities of the board, vision and goal setting, accounting and human resource management of the organisation.

With CIM’s emphasis on accountability to God, the Government and to people, the OD programme is very helpful for the senior managers of various organisations. It gives the leaders a proper outlook for the development of the organisation. We want to thank CIM for offering the OD programme and Courses and it is our prayer that many more churches, associations might benefit from the services and programmes offered by CIM.



The Beneficiary was a Trust registered in the year 1976 by a missionary Pastor. It is a church planting mission (name withheld) with a dynamic vision of bringing God’s word to the unreached areas. The Founder Pastor had vision of meeting the social and economic needs of the people who came to the Lord and joined the Church. So he started another Trust to do Community Development Projects along with the main Trust doing spiritual development.

A donor agency from Sweden, when they visited areas where the churches have been planted, was much impressed, prayed and decided to grant funds to these organizations. The agency requested Christian Institute of Management to have an assessment of the religious and charitable trusts. Through the Department of Organisational Development, CIM had an assessment and submitted its report to the donor agency.

  1. God blessed this organization in the area of Church Planting. It has planted more than 450 churches.
  2. The social trust developed 30 projects for social and economic development of the communities.
  3. Both in the religious and charitable objectives, this organization have a good coverage throughout India as a result of committed Missionaries and Pastors.

 System created or rectified by CIM :-

  1. Administration Systems & Procedures
  2. Operation Manuals
  3. Documentation Process
  4. Long Range Plan
  5. Management Information System (MIS )
  6. Performance Appraisal
  7. Human Resource Development
  8. Mobilization of Local Resources ( Indian Resource Mobilization )
  9. Networking and Partnership Development

The Beneficiary requested CIM to prepare a Church Constitution for their Churches because Article 25 of Indian Constitution provides the following protection. The integral part of any religious practice or administration will be protected and the Government will not interfere in day to day religious activities and administration of a Church.

From the Constitutions of CNI, CSI, Methodist Churches of India, Lutheran Churches of India, Evangelical Church of India, Maranatha Church and Assemblies of God, CIM prepared a model Constitution of Church. The Constitution Committee of this mission had several meetings and recommended the draft proposal of the Church Constitution to the Board of Trustees of the two organizations (Religious and Charitable). The Board approved the Church Constitution.

In continuation of the Church Constitution, the beneficiary requested CIM to prepare a Pastors’ Manual based on the various sections of Church Constitution. CIM prepared a model Pastors’ Manual with the following provisions.

  1. Biblical Perspective on Pastors functions and responsibilities
  2. Church Discipline, Group Discipline and Accountability
  3. Church Administration and Planning
  4. Documentations and List of Records to be maintained
  5. Ordinances like – Baptism and Marriage
  6. Procedure for opening a new ministry
  7. Reporting and Correspondence
  8. Finance Management, Accounting Procedures and Audit
  9. Property Management
  10. Order of Service
  11. Relationship with other Churches, Public and Headquarters
  12. Reporting Formats to be sent to Headquarters

The Church Constitution and Bye-laws Committee studied, discussed and recommended the Pastors’ Manual to the Board of Trustees for approval. CIM Workshops and Seminars for all the Pastors, Staff and Board Members were conducted at seven places.

Today this is one of the best managed Church planting missions in India with best leadership succession as well. CIM OD service was given to them for two years period.