What is our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

CIM will come along as a strategic partner for sustainability, our services helps bring renewed vigor to the ministry.

1. Laying the foundation on Biblical basis and approach to “Fund raising” as a ministry
2. Strategic planning process that anchors on Vision, Mission and core values
3. Systems and structures that facilitates and propels resource mobilisation
4. Organisational processes to facilitate the power of engaging with supporters
5. Organisational capacity building that facilitates ownership and commitment at all levels
6. Organisational model to ensure sustainable RM platform
7. An end to end or 360⁰ approach

Areas that govern IRM in Missions

■ Vision & Mission
■ Board Commitment
■ Leadership Support
■ Staff Capacity & Commitment
■ Processes & Structure

Services that would help organisations on firm foundation:

Christian Institute of Management over the last 2 decades had the opportunity and privilege to provide professional management and consultancy services for over 500 Christian Service Organisations across the country. Our services enabled organisations to start from the Visioning process to fulfilling regulatory and compliance requirements and implementing action plans for organisational sustainability. CIM’s ability to access the services of over 100 Christian professionals across the country on varied disciplines such as Legal, compliance, Finance, Resource Mobilisation, Project Management, Capacity Building, Organisation Development and other areas has helped Missions in their sustainability journey. Our services covers a wide area that are key and critical to organisational well-being.

Our Strengths

■ Scripture based
■ Experience over the years with missions and Churches
■ Connecting people and subject matter specialist
■ OD exercises with 500+ organisations
■ Interacting with partners across the Country
■ Hands on experience of leadership