CIM’s OD programme has been formulated to improve organizations and its leaders in Christian organizations with theory and practice of planned change. It is a systematic process, which aims to study the systems and procedures adopted by an organization with the focus to make them function better. It is a comprehensive system change. Using an assessment form, CIM does appraisal of the organization by studying the structural particulars, its systems as well as competence to statutory requirements.

The programme begins with formulation of vision and mission statement, preparation of an organizational structure and job descriptions for each position and service rules and regulations. In further visits, CIM helps to evolve proper governance procedures and methods of corporate management.



This service made impact on over 400 organisations. This service was provided individually to missions on request. The service ranged in duration from single day Consultancy to two years of OCB exercise. This service was offered only on request from its CEO or its international donor. Therefore the resulting impact was high, because of the high level of compliance done to the exercises given by CIM. This service covered structural, financial, legal and human resource management.

Organisational Development / Capacity Building Services:

List of essential exercises needed for an organisation:

A.   For new or small-size (0-3 years old) organisation:

  • Drafting Documents and Registration of the Society / Trust.
  • Income Tax – 12A Exemption.
  • Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) – Compliance to regulations.
  • Accounting procedures.
  • Audit Procedures.
  • Procedures in conducting Board Meetings and Society / Trust Meetings.
  • Staff appointment procedures – Recruitment, induction.
  • Staff records procedures – Documentation procedures.
  • Submission of annual returns to Registrar, Income Tax Commissioner, Home Ministry.
  • Basic office procedures, preparation of Vision and Mission statements.
  • Maintenance of basic administrative records.
  • Reporting to supporters – procedures.
  • Planning / Goal Setting. 

B.   For mid-size (3-10 years old) organisation:

  • Provident Fund procedures, Staff welfare measures, Terminal Benefits.
  • Public Relations.
  • Staff Training / Development.
  • Budget preparation.
  • Finance Management procedures – Models.
  • Preparations of Service Rules for staff.
  • Drafting Organisational Structure – Accountability / Responsibility Lines.
  • Long Range Planning.
  • Salary Structure.
  • Gratuity procedures.
  • Job Descriptions for Staff.
  • Indian Resource Mobilisation Plan. 

C.   For large-size (over 10 years old) organisation:

  • Governance.
  • Office Manual Drafting.
  • Finance Manual Drafting.
  • PR / Promotional Manual Drafting.
  • Staff Performance Appraisal procedures.
  • Project Preparation – Project Writing – Project Monitoring.
  • Core Values Statement.
  • HRD Manual Drafting.
  • Staff Development Plans.
  • Budgetary Control.
  • Internal Audit System.
  • Long Term Planning.
  • Leadership Development. 
  • Succession Planning.