Organization Development

CIM’s OD programme has been formulated to improve organizations and its leaders in Christian organizations with theory and practice of planned change. It is a systematic process, which aims to study the systems and procedures adopted by an organization with the focus to make them function better. It is a comprehensive system change. Using an assessment form, CIM does appraisal of the organization by studying the structural particulars, its systems as well as competence to statutory requirements.

The programme begins with formulation of vision and mission statement, preparation of an organizational structure and job descriptions for each position and service rules and regulations. In further visits, CIM helps to evolve proper governance procedures and methods of corporate management.

Organizational Development / Capacity Building Service

CIM’s OD professional analyses an existing organization, its structure, builds upon the strengths and offers suggestions to correct weaknesses. These findings are shared with the requesting Donors, or CEOs, or Church leaders after conducting comprehensive Organizational Diagnoses.

Some of the actions taken in this exercise are:

  • Reworking the constitutions and the structure of the organization/Church.
  • Capacity Building of the managers and leaders of the organization
  • Recommending suitable measures in the management of projects, finance, manpower,   etc.

Service Charges

All OD and Referral Services are done on prescribed service charges.

  • Rates given herein are minimum rates and the Consultant will examine the scope of the work and inform the organization, before commencement of activity, in the event of work and rates being higher.
  • Inviting organization/Church will also bear the travel, boarding, lodging and other expenses of the consultant.

Mode of Payment of OD Programme

  • First Installment (after signing the MoU and before the first OD visit) 30% of total amount (OD rates plus travel and conveyance)
  • Second Installment (after the second visit and before the third visit) 40% of total amount
  • Last and Final Installment (after the completion of final visit) 30% of total amount