Referral Service

The role of CIM is to work, on invitation, along with those missions and build them up in their management standards. All OCB/OD services start with Referral Service with CIM diagnostic tools but move on to Capacity Building service once the areas of weakness are identified. The success of this service can be attributed to the following:

—  On the official request of Churches or Donors, ‘Reference’ is provided on the management standards of an organization.
—  The inviting party is either the Indian mission or its donor with the full willing consent of the Indian mission.
—  The Indian mission is requested to be open about its strengths and deficiencies by way of furnishing all records and information needed.
—  Tri-party confidentiality is maintained i.e. between CIM and donor and the mission.

CIM policy in this service is to always build up (and never hinder) even weakly managed missions. CIM service helps donor relation and strengthens the missions.