Management and Leadership Training

CIM conducts management and leadership seminars based on biblical principles, for leaders and managers in churches and Christian organisations. These seminars are designed to impart professional knowledge to keep the organisations updated with the latest development in various areas of management functions and with the latest changes in legislations. These seminars enhance managerial effectiveness of Christian leaders and managers.

Levels of Seminars:

Level – I : Heads of organisations and Church denominations
Level – II : Senior and middle level managers and Pastors
Level – III : Grass root level leaders

Seminar Photos

Impact made through Management training

Short term impact was made on 4,500 seminar participants. Coming to long term impact, if the seminar participants were CEOs, the impact was significant on their organisations. If he was not the CEO, much
depended on his CEO to see impact made on the organization.
One sure way of impact assessment was when the seminar participant’s organisation invited CIM for Organisation Capacity Building / Organisation Development service.
The second way of impact assessment was when the seminar participant joined CIM Management Study Course for 4 semesters and did his Project Work on management of his organisation.
For the rest of the Seminar participants, the impact was on them individually (in their own work performance) till they become decision makers for their organizations. Thus CIM Seminars prepare the next generation of CEOs.

Resource Persons:

CIM has a large panel of (over 70) resource persons drawn from across India. They are professionals with in-depth knowledge in the subject. All of them are senior Christian management professionals drawn from secular and Christian organisations. Detailed name list furnished in the website.